The Families First Program

Social Services


To provide ladders of opportunity that help low-income individuals and families break the cycle of poverty and become self-sustaining

Program Description:

The Families First Program takes a comprehensive approach supporting families struggling to meet their basic needs. As a part of this unique program, our clients have access to a wide range of culturally competent wrap-around case management services. Our services support families on their journey to self-sufficiency.

The Families First Program consists of Case Managers and Social Workers who help clients navigate community resources.


Case Management

  • Client centered services that encourage the individual to identify their primary barriers and guidance from case managers with prioritizing needs
  • Connection to community resources for those experiencing homelessness
  • Help applying for public assistance programs including but not limited to SNAP, Medicaid, PRC, Unemployment, Social Security, Childcare Vouchers & Utility Assistance
  • Distribution of basic needs items including toiletries, baby products, school supplies and boxes of produce
  • Client advocacy, especially for Spanish-only speaking clients
  • Translation services for phone calls and documents related to accessing benefits or basic needs (excludes legal documents and tax forms)
  • Technology Assistance including navigating online systems 
  • Assistance with applying for ID documents including birth certificates, passports, licenses and replacement social security cards
  • Creo en ti Women’s Support Group offered throughout the year
  • Community activities and events to meet the current needs of our clients 
  • Referrals to Cleveland Furniture Bank of qualifying families (client must cover the $180 cost of furniture and delivery)

Walk-In Hours

  • Weekly on Friday’s from 8:30am-11:30am
  • We serve clients in the order they arrive

Domestic Violence Support

  • Referrals to community resources in cases of domestic violence
  • In partnership with Journey, we offer weekly onsite domestic violence counseling

Identification Crisis Collaborative

  • We provide vouchers that cover the cost of ID documents for income eligible clients 
  • Support in navigating the process when clients have expired documents

Notary Services

  • Document must be completely filled out before it can be notarized 
  • Cost $5 per document 
  • Client must have a valid ID

Legal Advice Clinics

  • In partnership with MJB Immigration, we offer weekly on-site legal advice clinics for immigration inquiries

Entrepreneurship Support

  • In partnership with Jumpstart, we offer onsite bilingual one-on-one advising for businesses of all stages