Latino Construction Program

Our first Latino Construction Program (LCP) cohort graduation was on July 13th, 2018 with 12 graduates. We will have our 14th cohort graduation on October 7th, 2022. Over the course of the program, over 500 individuals showed interest in the program and were interviewed; over 130 participants were successfully placed in the different trades. Each class can teach up to 25 students. Program completion is roughly 78% which has increased from its beginning at 68% in 2018. The program curriculum covers Construction Common Terms & Hazards, Opportunities & Unions, labor law, OSHA 10 Certification, on-site Visit, PPE Safety procedures, blueprint reading codes, Soft & Hard Skills training, financial education, and much more.

The LCP program has generated positive change in various ways. First, being a pillar in offering Hispanic and Latino individuals better opportunities in workforce development, training, and job placement has been the biggest positive change. Previously, many Spanish-speaking professionals were not offered many options to work with and or for higher-paying development and construction companies due to the language and or cultural-barriers. Not only are those we serve able to make a more livable wage, but they are in professional fields with companies that offer security and potential to further succeed and grow within their trade.

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