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Little Footsteps Bilingual Child Enrichment Center

Little Footsteps Bilingual Child Enrichment Center is the only bilingual child care program and preschool in the heart of Cleveland’s West Side neighborhoods. It is deeply rooted in tradition, family, and educating our children to be lifelong learners.

At the Little Footsteps Bilingual Child Enrichment Center, we are dedicated to providing a stimulating environment to all of our children. As part of The Spanish American Committee we have deep roots in the community. Our childcare center was established in 1974 to provide an affordable yet high-quality childcare option to accommodate the Spanish-speaking families and children in our community. Today our program is generational; we are serving families that continue to return to our program.

From infants to toddlers, and through Preschool we are interested in the process of learning. At Little Footsteps we believe that children should be provided with a meaningful early childhood education that stimulates their inquisitive nature, and ultimately sets the stage for their future success. Today we offer the opportunity to children of all backgrounds to learn in English and Spanish. We provide a variety of modalities for children to learn: language, reasoning, experience, math, science, alphabet and numbers, paintings crafts, open ended art, dramatic play, provocations, and active and quiet play.


Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential. It is this innate curiosity that drives the child’s interest to understand their world and their place in it. Our approach focuses on Preschool and Primary education. We provide a student-centered program that is developmentally appropriate to for children learning in an early childhood setting.

Little Footsteps Location

4732 Lorain Ave.

Cleveland, OH

Phone: 216-696-8215