Mi Casa Success Story

April 17, 2023

Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez attended our Mi Casa Housing Homebuyer Workshop in June of 2021, seeking guidance on how to purchase their first home. After attending the workshop, they decided to move forward with our assistance and scheduled an appointment where together, we reviewed their income, credit report, and budget. Our staff found out that Mr. Sanchez did not have established credit and was making less than $20,000 per year, and that Mrs. Sanchez had established credit but was unemployed.

Working together, a plan was created that would help them in securing a home loan. Almost a year later, the couple attended another Mi Casa Homebuyer Workshop and shared that they followed the plan; both were employed, and Mr. Sanchez was able to build his credit score to 700. A few months later, Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez secured their first home mortgage and bought their first home!

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